Africanpure Junior CBD 300mg flavoured 30ml




The africanpure Junior drops contains 300mg of pure CBD oil with a strawberry flavour for kids. Ingredients: MCT (coconut) oil, CBD isolate, strawberry flavouring

This lower dose drops can also be used for adults, as an alternative to our Balance or Active CBD drops.

Thanks to its many benefits, kids CBD oil can be used to promote calm and well-being in children.

This oil can be added to food or taken directly. The maximum dose is 40 drops or 20mg.

Whether emotional or physical, problems that present in childhood can cause endless worry for parents. While there are myriad medications on the market to treat a range of issues, these don’t always yield results and can have short- and long-term side-effects. Many parents are now exploring natural treatments and CBD is topping the list as a safe and effective choice.

While research is limited, there is growing evidence that points to cannabidiol as a promising remedy for managing a number of childhood conditions from anxiety to autism. It may not be the cure-all you’re looking for, but it is a valuable addition to any treatment toolkit.